Airport Info

Top 10 On Time Airports according to the US Bureau of Transportation are: 1. Salt Lake City, 2. Phoenix, 3. Baltimore, 4, Chicago Midway, 5. Charlotte, 6. Cincinnati, 7. Oakland, 8. Houston, 9. Tampa, 10. Atlanta. They tell us to avoid, if possible, NY La Guardia, Newark, and Chicago O’Hare.

Off to the Races

When you get ready to go to the horse races in Del Mar, don’t forget your hat. Floppy ones decked out in ostrich feathers compete with Panama straw hats on people of all ages. At Del Mar you can get close to the horses and jockeys before they hit the track. Don’t forget to place your bet. Then watch the race from start to finish. If you’re lucky you will see an event that happens infrequently…a dead heat win. No horse won by a nose this day. Two both finished as winners.

Tip to Stay In Touch

Do you have family or friends in far away places? Are you looking for a better way to stay in touch with them? Ever heard of Skype? Skype is a piece of free software that lets you make telephone calls over the Internet. To access go to for step-by-step instructions to install it. You’re ready to call any other PC that has Skype for free. Calls to landlines and cell phones cost extra. You might need to purchase an inexpensive headset if your computer does not have it built in to talk to each other.

Here’s this week’s travel tip. When you are booking your airline reservation, write down the airline’s 800 number and keep it with your trip info. That way you will have it for reference in case you should need it. Making a quick call sure beats standing in line to inquire about a cancelled or changed flight.

Hanging around under chili peppers is a hot place to be. These flip flops spent a week in Arizona and Nevada decided some R&R in the shade was what they needed. If you are traveling in the heat here is this week’s travel tip:

When it’s hot, hot, hot!
Sightsee in early morning or late afternoon.
Don’t exercise or work in the heat of the day.
Wear loose-fitting, light coloured cottons and avoid synthetics.
Safeguard yourself from UVB and UVA rays with high-protection factor sunscreens, sun glasses and wide rim hats.
Take frequent cool but not icy showers.
Drink at least 10 liters of water daily. Light colored urine indicates that you are well hydrated. Carry bottled water with you if necessary.
Remember that coffee and alcohol tend to dehydrate.

More on the travels and escapes of the flip flops to come. Stay tuned.

Thanks to my daughter-in-law, Jackie, I now am the proud owner of a travel blog. Travel tips, ideas, photos, and good deals will be posted twice a week. Or at least that’s the goal. This is the latest trip…Zion National Park.
Tip of the week: When traveling through areas with immense awesome scenery…drive a convertible. No window, door post, or roof gets in the way of your views.