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Welcome to Travels and Escapes…your site for all things travel related.

Traveling is my passion. In fact, traveling has been part of my life since I can remember.

Fortunate that Dad wanted my brother and me to visit all the states and most of the Canadian provinces; I started traveling early in life. With snow still on the ground in the Midwest, Dad brought out maps, guidebooks, AAA Triptiks, and we sat down to decide where the next summer trip would take us.

With suitcases packed, coolers filled with food, maps organized, my journals handy, and gas in the tank… every summer we’d pile in the family van. No airplanes for us; Dad, Mom, my brother, and me. Ideal? Not always. Fun? Most trips. Educational? Dad really did want us to learn and that meant researching every destination, without the advantage of the Internet. We probably wore out more of those guidebooks than you can imagine.

Memories created back then will last a lifetime. Sure, I can pack a suitcase in a heartbeat and I can travel to Europe for two weeks in my carry on. Thanks to Dad, I learned much more than that. I had the unique opportunity to learn about people, their similarities, and their differences all over the US in the 1960s.

This was more than a geography lesson…it was a cultural lesson and a human psychology lesson all rolled into one.

That’s where my passion for traveling originated. It’s stayed with me to this day. Traveling is more than just ticking a place off my list. I love learning about a place, talking to the locals, asking questions, discovering something that isn’t in a guide book, and creating more memories.

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I’m here to help.

Travels…it’s a mindset and way of life. It doesn’t matter if we hop a plane to Paris for two weeks or drive to San Francisco for the day. I love it all.

Escapes…it’s immersing into a different culture. For me, this doesn’t mean hiding or leaving everything behind. It means learning new things about the people and places I’m visiting.

Travels and Escapes…life is good. Go create some memories.