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Podere Selva Capuzza

Buongiorno dal podere Selva Capuzza!

We are proud to announce that our hundred’s harvest wines are about to leave the cellar in the next weeks.

The “Chiaretto San Donino” is already available, while “Lugana San Vigilio” will debut in february.

“Groppello San Biagio” and San Martino della Battaglia “Campo del Soglio” will be ready between springtime and summer.

“Lugana Selva” will be introduced between june and september, at the correct aging time.

Regarding ” Dunant 2017″ , the aging time is around one year, while “Mader” should be ready in 2020, just like “Lugana Riserva Menasasso”.

Between 2018 and 2020 we will celebrate our hundred’s harvest with a surprise, a new unrealeased wine among the Selva Capuzza bottles.


The 2017 harvest was marked by a warm and dry summer, with a considerable flow of air thanks to the position of the vineyards on the famous “cap” (Cappuccio) which gives the name to our Selva.

The ripening of the grapes was healthy and independent, with few human interference in the vineyard as we had very little parassite issues.

Luck was on our side, leaving us aside the metereological problems that hit the area and some of our collegues; the production has been reduced only due to the high temperatures.

The quality of these wines make us proud and glad: the white wines will have again our preferred alcoholic percentage, not over 13%, they will be fresh and crispy, with a perfect balance of nose and mouth. “Chiaretto”

astonished us with its elegance and body, and last but not least, with its beautiful colour.

It is too early to judge the red wines, as soon as “Groppello” will be ready, we will understand the personality they may express this year.

Our hundred’s harvest is among the best of the last twenty years, we are happy to celebrate it with you.

Kind regards

Laura Pacchioni


Did Your Luggage Make It?

Traveling with checked bags?

Preventing, or at least lessening the chance, of losing your luggage may involve a few preventive steps. This won’t guarantee your luggage arrives with you. But, it might increase the chances.

When you book your flight, think about the time of your layover. Chances are if it’s a short one, your bag might not make it onto the next leg of your journey. This is especially true if you are flying internationally. It would be a good idea to ask about time in between flights, before you book that amazing flight deal.

Think about putting some type of marker on your bag…especially if it is a medium sized, black bag. I mean…how many of those do you see on the baggage carousel? It’s easy to wrap a piece of red tape around the handle.

What’s your luggage tag look like? If you don’t have one and opt to use the paper ones provided by the check-in counter, the chances of it getting ripped off somewhere along the line are good. Instead, use one with a code or microchip so you can track your bag. At the very least, get one that doesn’t come off easily.

When packing, place a copy of your itinerary inside. Put it on top so if the airline has to open your bag to re-route it, it’s right there in front of them.

While you’re at it, take some photos of your bag. Use your phone and take a couple of the outside, the inside, and anything of value.

Check in early enough. Give the check-in desk and the baggage handlers enough time to get your bag on your flight.

Of course, you could always ship your bags and not worry about them. This might be best, and cheaper, if you need to have oversized or overweight bags.


Are You Prepared?

Standing in line for security at the airport can be stressful. Right?

Unless you’re TSA Pre-Check, you should know what you need to do and what to have ready for the TSA Agents. Right?

Be prepared ahead of time not only helps you, it also helps the people behind you. Take out your necessary documents…boarding pass and identification well ahead of standing in front of the agent. If you always keep them in the same spot…you’ll know exactly where to find them.

Is your boarding pass on your phone? While you’re waiting for your turn with TSA, make sure your phone’s brightness is turned all the way up and that your screen rotation is off.

If you’re traveling with a laptop, it needs to be in its own bin. Other things can go together in a bin.

Remove your shoes, belt, and anything else metal.

If this is done ahead of time…your trip through security should go smoother.

Or…sign up for TSA Pre-Check…


Where Did I Park?

You’re ready to fly out for your next adventure. You’re excited…

Everything is ready to go…luggage, passports, tickets, camera. You park your car at the airport and head to the terminal. At some point, it dawns on you that you think you remember exactly where you parked. It was Section D 21. Right?

Or, was it G 21?

I used to take a picture of the sign in that section. But, then I’d have to scroll through my vacation pictures to find it. Someone suggested writing the section on the parking ticket. But, what if you don’t take the ticket with you? Or, you left it in the car? Not very helpful.

Here’s a better tip I learned from an airport shuttle bus driver.

Put the section number in your phone’s calendar on the day you will be returning. All you have to do is look at your calendar…and there is the section where you parked.

The things I’ve learned…