Airports and Instagram

A new survey reveals the most popular airports on Instagram.

Do you have a favorite? Is it because it’s close to you? Or, does it have something special? Maybe it has a terrific food scene or the best art.

Check out these that made the Instagram list. Agree…or disagree?

Los Angeles (LAX) may not be your favorite if you don’t like busy airports. But, with its great restaurants and entertainment…there’s a lot of photo ops.

Chicago O’Hare is number two on Instagram’s list. Have you ever had time to check out the impressive art collection? Or, were you too busy trying to catch your next flight?

San Francisco is considerably smaller than LAX and O’Hare, but is the major airport for the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. As expected, great food can be found here. Also check out the flight history museum.

Dallas/Fort Worth has an on-site pet hotel. Hmmm.

Miami…with it’s Miami style and great art exhibits, it’s an Instagram worthy placed.

So many of my favorites are missing from this list.

I love flying in over the entire downtown of San Diego, the simple yet stunning landscape surrounding Santa Barbara, the mountains in the background of Denver, and so many more. To me, they each have their Instagram shots.

What are some of your favorites?


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