Be Nice….


Things I’ve learned from flight attendants are really pretty simple and courteous acts we could all do when flying.

Here are a few:

They really do appreciate it when you board and de-plane quickly. This is their job, and they have things that need to be done after you leave the plane.

We’re supposed to listen to the safety instructions. Do you? Do you think it’s unnecessary to buckle your seat belt before take-off, or to make your seat full and upright? Well, according to the FAA, it is the job of the flight attendant to make sure that’s done…on every passenger. If not, they could lose their job. And, guess what? There are unknown riders on board who are watching what they do.

You know where the galley is, right? It’s not a free-for-all space. It’s for the flight attendants to prepare meals or snacks, and to talk to each other. They really don’t need you invading that space.

They are there to help you. So, if you feel sick or need something…ask. They can’t give you medicine, but they can bring you an airsick bag! In addition, most airlines prohibit crew members from helping you lift your bag into the overhead compartment. Why? Injuries. It’s about safety. Bottom line, if your  bag is too heavy for you to lift…check it.

Traveling with kids? Be sure to have everything you need, as supplies may not be available from the flight attendants. And, don’t ask them to hold your kids while you go to the bathroom and freshen up. They aren’t babysitters.

Do you wear headphones to block out the noise? So do I. But, flight attendants appreciate it if you remove at least one when they are coming down the aisle asking what you’d like to drink.

Passengers who are prepared are wonderful. Ones who block the aisle while they load their bag into the overhead bin, then remove their jacket, then take out their magazines, then readjust their shirt, then stretch…not good passengers.

Finally, flight attendants love nice people. You’d be surprised how many people don’t even say hello, one flight attendant told me.



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