Where Did I Park?

You’re ready to fly out for your next adventure. You’re excited…

Everything is ready to go…luggage, passports, tickets, camera. You park your car at the airport and head to the terminal. At some point, it dawns on you that you think you remember exactly where you parked. It was Section D 21. Right?

Or, was it G 21?

I used to take a picture of the sign in that section. But, then I’d have to scroll through my vacation pictures to find it. Someone suggested writing the section on the parking ticket. But, what if you don’t take the ticket with you? Or, you left it in the car? Not very helpful.

Here’s a better tip I learned from an airport shuttle bus driver.

Put the section number in your phone’s calendar on the day you will be returning. All you have to do is look at your calendar…and there is the section where you parked.

The things I’ve learned…

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