Charge It

Before leaving on your trip, make sure you have charged all your devices. Also, make sure you have the correct adapters for Europe or Asia or wherever you are going in order to charge those devices.

Do I Want 2 or 4?

Recently, I purchased a new piece of luggage. Choices…there were so, so many.

One decision I had to make…did I want two wheels or four wheels?

Some travelers prefer the standard two wheels, as they feel those bags are easier to drag behind you on cobblestone streets or uneven paths.

Others prefer four wheels, as the bag is narrower and easier to bring down the aisle of the airplane.

Check out both…let me know what you think.

Lists…Are They Necessary?

Before leaving for a trip, I make lists. Plural…

I make a “To Do” list, I make a “Pack” list, I make a “To Do On The Day I Leave” list…you get the idea.


It keeps me organized and by writing it down, I don’t have to try to remember exactly what I was going to do when.

How about you?

Will My Bag Fit?

More luggage suggestions to think about when purchasing a new bag…

Since all overhead bins are not the same size, the piece you just purchased may not actually fit in the plane where you’re trying to stuff your bag. If that happens, you’ll have to gate check your bag. How did this happen?

You were positive the measurements were listed on the tag. Did those measurements include the wheels, or just the bag? Usually, they refer to the container…not the wheels or handles that happen to stick out.

How Heavy is Your Bag…Empty?

When shopping for a new piece of luggage, weight matters. Why?

There are airline restrictions on weight. You have to lift the bag into the overhead compartment. You may even need to lug it up 70 stairs to your apartment rental in Venice. Weight matters.

When you’re looking at luggage in the store, be sure to lift it. Don’t just assume the tag that says it is “lightweight” really means it. Look for the actual weight printed on the tag. If it isn’t there, ask the salesclerk to weigh it for you. Seriously.

If you’re buying it online, check and double-check the weight listed. Make sure you can return it if necessary. When you receive it, weigh it.

How Much is in Your Wallet?

Even though you probably need all the credit cards, the car wash reward card, your coffee upgrade card, and your work ID card in your wallet or purse when you’re at home…you won’t need all of those when you travel.

There are several reasons for emptying out your wallet and purse.

It will be lighter and easier to carry without the extra pieces. You won’t have to look through everything to find the one card you need. You won’t lose them if something accidentally falls out. If your wallet is stolen, you won’t lose everything.

Just make sure you have what you need…leave the rest at home.

What Color is Your Bag?

Ever notice how many black bags there are on a baggage carousel?

If yours is one of those black ones, do you put some distinguishing mark or tag on it so you can recognize it easily? Just curious.

Next time you shop for luggage, look at all the colors available.

Is Your Bag Too Heavy?

On many airlines, your checked bag can weigh up to 50 pounds. Some airlines, even less.

What that means for you…don’t pack your bag at 49.5 pounds. If your scale and the airport scale aren’t the same or if one is slightly inaccurate, you’ve got a problem.

Allow some room for error.

To Lock or Not To Lock

Have you ever locked your checked luggage? Did you find the lock broken when you picked it up off the baggage carousel?

If your luggage needs to be inspected, TSA can and will rip off the lock or break it. For that reason, pick a bag with a TSA approved lock. That means TSA can open it with a master key. The label will tell you if it’s TSA approved

Your Shampoo Exploded!

If you’ve packed your bottle of shampoo in your checked bag, have you considered it may leak or explode if it’s too close to the edge and another bag gets dropped on it?

Or, what if your small bag of liquids is in your carry on bag and you have to gate check it? Is that little bag protected enough to withstand other luggage items tossed on to it?