What Do You Wear on the Plane?

Do you plan ahead of time what you’re going to wear on the plane? Does it change from a short hop to a trip to Europe?

Comfort is necessary, especially on long flights. But, that doesn’t mean you need to look like you just crawled out of bed. You might want to take a shawl to use as a cover up in case you get cold. Layers are also a good idea.

How about shoes? We’ve all seen someone in the security line trying to take off complicated shoes or laced up boots. Flats that slip on and off usually are best. You can toss some socks in your carry-on to keep your feet warm on the plane.

I have many ideas…what are some of your favorites?

Travel Apps…Do They Work For You?

Have you tried these travel apps?

Wayn…this one lets you search for new travel destinations based on the type of activity you’d like to do. If diving or skiing or mountain biking is your thing…this might be an app of interest to you.

HelloTel…apparently this one creates a social network around the location where you are staying. You can connect with other travelers in that area.

Trover…you can explore exciting world destinations through the photos of other travelers. Either look at these Instagram similar galleries or get ideas for your next trip.

Steller…create an online book of your photos.

Any others you’ve tried?

Pack Your Dental Floss

When you go to the dentist, do they give you small packages of dental floss? My dentist does.

Did you know you can toss it in your carry on bag when you travel? Why, you might ask?

Sure, it’s good as dental floss. But, it’s also good for sewing on a button, provided you have a needle with a large enough eye. Double or triple a strand and use it as a make shift clothesline. Use it as string when you need to tie up something.

Use it when you break your shoe lace, or you need to fix your eye glasses and can’t find the little screw, or as a hair tie…the list goes on and on.

Have you Visited the Cinque Terre?

This photo is not the Cinque Terre…it’s Morro Bay.

Many people visit the Cinque Terre in Italy every year. About 2.5 million last year, if you can fathom that many people. These five small fishing villages perched on narrow cliffs are being overrun by tour buses and by day trippers from cruise ships docking at nearby ports.

That has led to the Cinque Terre National Park limiting the number of visitors to no more than 1.5 million visitors this year. They will outfit the roads leading to the villages with devices to check the number of people. Once that number is reached, the roads close.

Tickets will be sold ahead of time online and an app is being created so you can see which of the villages are most congested.

What Do You Think?

Have you visited Italy’s Cinque Terre recently? Did you find the area to be overrun with tourists? Apparently, many in Italy and specifically the Cinque Terre feel that way. 

As the UK newspaper The Guardian reports: “About 2.5 million tourists poured into the picturesque park in north-west Italy’s Liguria region last year to visit the five small fishing villages, which are connected by narrow cliffside trails.

“Residents say day-trippers from cruise ships docking at nearby ports have overwhelmed their communities and the head of the Cinque Terre park said no more than 1.5 million visitors would be let in this year.

“Roads leading to the area are being fitted with devices to gauge the number of people heading to the villages and once a certain number has been reached, access will be closed.

“Tickets will be sold ahead of time online and an app created for tourists to show which of the villages are most congested.

“Accessed by steep, winding roads, the Cinque Terre, with their brightly coloured houses, used to be a remote backwater. However, tourist numbers have risen sharply in recent years partly as a result of cruise companies adding more Italian destinations to their itineraries as other Mediterranean ports, such as Tunisia, lost their appeal following militant attacks.”

Let me know your thoughts.

Who Really Owns This?

Walk into a rental car counter in any major airport and you’ll see lots and lots of companies. Right? Did you know many of those are owned by other rental car companies?

They’re not all independent.

Avis owns Budget and Zipcar
Hertz owns Dollar and Thrifty
Enterprise owns Alamo and National
Advantage owns EZ Rent a Car

Travel and Food…

How many of us travel to a destination because of food? If that fits you, you should head to a Tavel & Adventure Show near you.

Chef Garth Blackburn and Amy Kushnir show us how to make seafood tostadas…then we get to taste.


Extra Large, Please!

Check out the size of these dumplings at the Taiwan booth at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show last weekend in Santa Clara.

If you ever have the opportunity to go to a Travel & Adventure show…go. They have them in cities across the US; DC, Chicago, Bay Area, LA, San Diego, Denver, Philadelphia, Dallas.

Amazing amount of info for travelers of all kinds.