Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show…Check it Out

SANTA CLARA, CALIF. – December 1, 2015 — Back for the sixth year in a row, the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show, part of the largest series of consumer travel shows in the U.S., returns to the Santa Clara Convention Center, March 5-6, 2016. The popular tradeshow connects avid travelers with the world’s top travel providers, who in turn share insider knowledge about top domestic and international destinations, the latest travel tips and exclusive travel deals. Attendees will also have access to celebrity travel speakers, dozens of seminars, trip giveaways, prizes and fun, cultural interactions.

“Northern Californians have a natural appetite for travel and adventure. The SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show is a smart, cost-effective way for savvy travelers to find, plan and book their dream vacation,” said John Golicz, chief executive officer and founder. “For more than a decade, our team has helped countless travelers find where to go, what to do and how to get there by connecting them in a meaningful way with the world’s leading destination experts.”

The 2016 SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show will be the largest to date, featuring more than 200 exhibitors from the world’s most sought-after travel destinations, ranging from the Africa to Alaska, China to the Caribbean, and Europe to Fiji. In addition to a special Yosemite Experience Pavilion, other key exhibits include Tourism Malaysia, Luxury Vacations UK, Discover Pakistan, Costa Rica Rios, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, Yamnusha Mountain Adventures and Utah’s Canyonlands.

“People flock to our events because they know that while the Internet and guidebooks contain great information, they are not always reliable. At the Travel & Adventure Shows you get the truth from people who are either from the travel destination or have traveled extensively in the region,” said Golicz.

In addition to the vendors, the tradeshow features five theaters designed to educate and entertain. Wanderlust travelers can attend the Destination Theater for locale-specific workshops hosted by the Nevada Commission, Philippine Office of Tourism, Tahiti, Visit Anchorage, Air New Zealand and Trafalgar, among others, to draw inspiration and get detailed information. At the Savvy Traveler Theater, guests can also gain valuable tips and tricks for traveling smarter, more safely and with fewer hassles.

The 2016 SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show also features an impressive line-up of travel industry expert speakers including:
  • Samantha Brown, Travel Channel host
  • Rick Steves, chief executive officer of “Rick Steves’ Europe,” guidebook author, PBS travel host and America’s leading authority on European travel
  • Pauline Frommer, editorial director of the Frommer Guides and publisher of
  • Doug McConnell, host of “OpenRoad” on NBC Bay Area and former host of the legendary, “Bay Area Backroads,” the longest-running television series in Bay Area broadcast history 
Attendees can also experience a variety of global culture and entertainment. The Global Beats Stage offers culturally diverse music and dance performances while the Taste of Travel Stage provides visitors with a taste of local, regional and global cuisine prepared by chefs Roopan Lumi, Ben Simon, Jerry Stone and others. Additionally, guests will have access to vacation activities such as a rock climbing wall, provided by Yosemite Experience Pavilion, Segway rides and more.

Sponsors of the 2016 Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show include Tourism Fiji, “Rick Steves’ Europe,” Sunset magazine and the Yosemite Experience Pavilion.

The 2016 Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center (5001 Great America Highway, Santa Clara, Calif.) March 5-6. On Saturday, March 5, the show opens at 9:30 a.m. for travel professionals, with general public hours set from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Sunday, March 6, the show floor is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Single day tickets ($16) and two-day tickets ($25) can be purchased at Children 16 and under are admitted free of charge.                         
About Unicomm and the Travel & Adventure Show 
Unicomm, LLC is an independent media and events company specializing in originating and managing world-class trade shows, conferences and digital properties. Unicomm’s properties include the nation’s largest and longest running series of travel events, the Travel & Adventure Show in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco/Bay Area, Washington, D.C., San Diego and Philadelphia, and the

How Much is That?

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Throw Your Money Away? No Way…

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Your Connecting Flight Just Left the Gate

Has this ever happened to you? Your initial flight was delayed for some reason. Your connection was tight to begin with. You just missed your connecting flight. Your luggage was checked all the way through to your final destination.

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