Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show 2016

Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show
Have you made a travel bucket list? Are you looking for that one destination to make 2016 a spectacular year? Would you like to listen to travel experts from around the world? Does tasting an exotic dish from the other side of the globe appeal to you? Do you own more than one travel guide book?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of those questions, you won’t want to miss this year’s Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show. After 13 years of shows, this is the place to be…especially if you’re a travel enthusiast.
With experts from around the world right here in the Bay area, you’ll have the opportunity to hear the latest tips, understand how to travel safely in today’s world, learn in-depth travel secrets, be inspired by far-away destinations, and ask questions of those experts. Hear travel experts Rick Steves, Samantha Brown, Johnny Jet, and Pauline Frommer as they share their trips, tips, and ideas in seminars. Stay after their talks and ask a question. This is so much better than just reading a guide book.
Head to the Destination Theatre to gain more information on your specific trip idea and to take part in a workshop. Don’t miss the Savvy Traveler Theatre, where you’ll hear speakers give ideas for traveling better and hassle free.
Then, there’s the Taste of Travel Theatre…watch chefs prepare dishes while your mouth waters. Maybe a dish will inspire your next trip. Maybe climbing a rock wall, riding a Segway or a camel, or having your photo taken with an exotic backdrop is more your style. That’s okay…you can do that, too.
Whatever appeals to you, here are some tips to make your week-end at the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show a fantastic time.
First, check out the website, and pick the one held in the San Francisco Bay area. You’ll find all the events, speakers, and a map of exhibitors there.
Second, make a list of the speakers you want to hear, the cooking demonstrations you want to see, the exhibitors you want to visit, and all the special times of these events. If you are looking for a particular destination or trip, seek out those with information and resources geared toward that trip. Make a list of questions ahead of time. If you’re looking for inspiration and don’t have a special destination in mind, check out the travel operators. From smaller ones to ones you’ve probably heard of, they can answer questions and help you find that special spot.
Then, plan your day. Or, two days if you’re staying the weekend.
While you’re there…talk to people, ask questions, meet the speakers. 
Regardless if your next destination is half a world away or somewhere right in your own backyard, it’s your vacation.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a three-week long dive trip to Australia or a weekend trip to Yosemite, you want your vacation to be special and this is the place to learn how to accomplish that.
Whatever you do…have fun. After all, this is for travel enthusiasts.
IF You Go: March 5 and 6 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

Taste of Travel…YUM

Interview with Amy Kushnir and Chef Garth Blackburn

Traveling, whether to far-away spots or to ones in your own backyard, encompasses so much more than just visiting places. A big part of traveling is food and to food destinations. Maybe you want to learn to make pasta like the Italians, or get up close and personal to wine making in Napa Valley, or eat at the best restaurants in Barcelona.
How do you know where to go and what to do? Instead of just reading about it, you could see authentic paella being made. You could even taste the fresh tostada after an expert chef prepares it. Ask questions. Talk to the chef. How? Where? Attend a travel show like the Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show and check out the Taste of Travel Theater. 
This year in Santa Clara, the Taste of Travel Stage hosted by Chef Garth Blackburn and Amy Kushnir provides visitors with insights from professionals. These foodies share a taste of local and global cuisine prepared by amazing chefs.
Chef Garth Blackburn is the executive chef for Sub-Zero Wolf in Dallas and Houston and Amy Kushnir is host of “Taste Texas” and author of “Red Dirt Recipes.” Just tasting their flavorful tostada will entice you to visit Texas.
Jerry Stone, a food and wine blogger, was named one of nine chefs changing the world in 2015 by a Sierra Club magazine article.
Ben Simon is the chief executive officer of Imperfect Produce.
Allan Karl, a renowned motorcycle adventure traveler, photographer, and best-selling author of FORKS; a Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection.

Sergio Monleon and Emily Sarlatte are the chef and owners of La March in Berkeley.
Those are just some of the chefs in this year’s line-up.
Travelers seeking an entire experience when they travel include food and food destinations. These chefs will help you as you think of your next trip. Many attendees go right from talking to the chef to booking their next trip. Why not?
Whether you’re looking for food pairings, regional specialties, particular destinations, or seeking an entire trip based on the adventure of food…you’ll find something here to help you plan that next trip.
As Chef Garth Blackburn told me… “There’s always a story connected to food when people travel.” 
He’s right.
If You Go: March 5 and 6 at the Santa Clara Convention Center

Can You Stay Healthy?

I hear people say the always get sick when they travel. I don’t…but, how about you?

Do you pay attention to the local food? Do you know whether you should eat street food when running water is almost non-existent?

Do you know when you need to have a vaccination?

If the water is questionable to drink, do you brush your teeth with it anyway?

Do you keep your hands washed? If water isn’t handy, do you use a hand sanitizer?

Do you have basic medical supplies with you?

Do you drink enough water…bottled if in some countries?

What Color Should I Take?

Packing tips are all over the Internet and in every magazine you pick up. Some you’ve heard a dozen times, some are new ones.

Recently, I read this tip for women. When traveling, pack three different colors of pants. Then, pack the tops to go with all three.

Hmm…three different colors of pants seems like a lot to me. Unless, that is, I’m traveling for two or three weeks and don’t have access to a washer and dryer. Or, my pants can’t be rinsed out in the sink. if I’m taking three pairs of pants, I’m going with black. Then, whatever tops I pick will work.

Having said that, you could be traveling where you will need different colors for different events or planned activities.

What do you think?

Baby Boomers…Travel

According to AARP, 99% of Baby Boomers who travel in 2016 will do so for fun. And, at least half of those will travel internationally.

Does that apply to you or to someone you know?

Want to know what AARP thinks are on the bucket lists of Baby Boomers? The Arctic Circle, New Zealand, Australia, and Panama top the list.

How about you? What’s on your list?

Where is the WC?

Depending on how much you travel and where…you will probably come across a toilet that doesn’t look like what you’re used to. A squat toilet.

This squat toilet is exactly what it says it is. It’s a slab of porcelain on the floor with indentations to place your feet.

There might be a pitcher of water to use to flush…but probably not toilet paper. If you do bring your own toilet paper, throw it away in a garbage can. Don’t throw it in the toilet.

Be prepared…

The 2016 Sf Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show…more info

The 2016 SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show, part of the No. 1 travel show series in the U.S., returns to the Santa Clara Convention Center, March 5-6, with an impressive line-up of keynote speakers, travel industry experts, global performers and renowned chefs. Confirmed participants include Rick Steves, America’s leading authority on European travel; Travel Channel host Samantha BrownJerry Stone, the popular food blogger; andBen Simon, chief executive officer of Imperfect Produce, among others.

“We are thrilled to welcome the world’s leading travel, food and cultural experts to the SF/Bay Area Travel and Adventure Show,” said John Golicz, chief executive officer and founder. “Our team has curated an entertaining, interactive show that will provide unparalleled travel education to help travelers enhance their next domestic or international adventure.“

The 2016 SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show will feature the following keynote speakers:

  • Rick Steves, chief executive officer of “Rick Steves’ Europe,” guidebook author, PBS travel host and America’s leading authority on European travel
  • Samantha Brown, Travel Channel host
  • Pauline Frommer, editorial director of the Frommer Guides and publisher of
  • Doug McConnell, host of “OpenRoad” on NBC Bay Area and former host of the legendary, “Bay Area Backroads,” the longest-running television series in Bay Area broadcast history
Wanderlust travelers can attend the Destination Theater for the following locale-specific workshops to draw inspiration and gain insider knowledge:
  • The Islands of Tahiti are Closer Than You Think
  • Beyond the Cruise: The Inside Scoop on Alaska Adventures
  • Adventure, Discovery and Tranquility in Costa Rica
  • Adventures in Australia & New Zealand 
Additionally, there will be a special presentation by Paul Wiseman, president of Trafalgar USA, as well as seminars hosted by the Nevada Commission, Philippine Office of Tourism, Fiji and the Yosemite/Mariposa County Tourism Bureau.

At the Savvy Traveler Theater, guests can also gain valuable tips and tricks at the following seminars for traveling smarter, more safely and with fewer hassles:

  • Travel Smart with Technology with Angel Castellanos
  • A Guide to Better Travel Photography with Ralph Velasco
  • Explore What’s Unique About Cruises & Land Vacations
  • Packing Light with Jon Holloway
  • Maximize Your National Parks Experience
  • TravelSquire & The Travel Therapist

The 2016 SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show boasts a variety of global culture and entertainment. The Global Beats Stage offers culturally diverse music and dance performances while the Taste of Travel Stage, hosted by Chef Garth Blackburn and Amy Kushnir, provides visitors with insights from professional foodies and a taste of local, regional and global cuisine prepared by local chefs. Specials guests will include:  
  • Jerry Stone, food and wine blogger (Cooking Stoned and Green Wine Guide)
  • Ben Simon – chief executive officer, Imperfect Produce
  • Allan Karl, motorcycle adventure traveler, photographer and bestselling author of “FORKS—A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection”
  • Chef Garth Blackburn, Sub-Zero Wolf in Dallas and Houston, Texas
  • Amy Kushnir, host of “Taste Texas” and author of “Red Dirt Recipes”
  • Sergio Monleón and Emily Sarlatte, chefs/owners, La Marcha, Berkeley, Calif.   
Travel enthusiasts can also look forward to the opportunity to meet with more than 200 of the world’s top travel providers and access to exclusive once-in-a-lifetime travel deals, prizes and trip giveaways. Back for the sixth year in a row, the SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show will be the largest to date and is a smart, cost-effective way for savvy travelers to find, plan and book their dream vacation.

The 2016 SF/Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show takes place at the Santa Clara Convention Center (5001 Great America Highway, Santa Clara, Calif.) March 5-6. On Saturday, March 5, the show opens at 9:30 a.m. for travel professionals, with general public hours set from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. On Sunday, March 6, the show floor is open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Single day tickets ($16) and two-day tickets ($25) can be purchased Children 16 and under are admitted free of charge.                           

Where Am I?

I know we have GPS on our phones or a handy device telling us where we are. But, do you know how to read a map? Some may have lost that skill.

That’s too bad. What if you’re in an area with no or poor cell phone coverage? What if your phone battery is dying?

Take out your map and figure out where you are. You’d be surprised at the number of people who can’t read a map. Can you?