Have Some Patience

When taking travel photos, chances are you’re looking for the right shot all the time. Right?

Many great photos are the result of patience…lots and lots of patience. The supersized, lumbering bumblebee that landed on the flowers will come back. Keep watching.

Suitcases and Advertising

This post is reprinted from www.smartertravel.com.
When it comes to saving money, budget travelers are known to go to extremes. Maybe that’s why Orion Travel Technology has devised a pretty extreme way to save money on bag fees.
Orion’s new idea may be a game changer. The company is offering to pay your bag fees for you. The catch? Your luggage will become a rolling advertisement for one of their partners.
In exchange for toting company logos around the world with you, Orion will send you two customizable suitcases (one 21″ carry-on and one 29″ bag) and a gift card for $50 that can only be used at the airport ticket counter. The annual membership, which costs $19.99 after the first six months, covers your bag fees for up to six trips a year. To prevent anyone from using the gift card without using the luggage, the card will only work after scanning the UPC code on the branded suitcase.
When you order your suitcases, you’ll have the choice of personalizing the back of the luggage with your favorite movie character or sports team. But this is not the advertisement. The front of the suitcase is left blank for you to stick the easy-to-remove logo skins Orion sends you each time you travel.
Though the program is not scheduled to be implemented until February 2016 and the companies Orion will be working with are not yet clear, this could be an indispensable new service to travelers with very tight budgets. Not only can you save on bag fees, but the bags are also included in the membership, which could be helpful if you’re looking to replace your luggage.
Though it’s impossible to tell how smoothly the system will work once it gets going, it shouldn’t be hard for Orion to find people willing to test it out. There are people out there willing to sell the advertising space on their foreheads, so what’s a few ads on your suitcase compared to saving hundreds on bag fees?
I love the idea. What are your thoughts about doing this? Would you?

Tell a Story

When you travel, do you take photos? Do they all look the same?

If so…try telling a story with your photos. If you want to showcase your trip to a new restaurant, you might just focus on the food. But, add in some photos of the neighborhood or the landscape. You might add a photo of the flower arrangement sitting by the door.

Your Bag Took a Different Trip

You’ve checked your bag. It has everything in it you need for your two week stay in France. You land in Paris. And…your bag does not show up.

It turns out the agent accidentally tagged the wrong destination on your bag. It happens.

Next time check to see what the destination is for your bag. The claim check will tell you. It’s just one way to make sure you and your bag arrive in Paris at the same time.

And, don’t pack everything in one bag.

There’s An App

It seems like everything has an app and you could download a gazillion of them. One you might want to consider is the app of the airline you use most frequently or the airline you flying to Europe. They keep you up to date with real time gate changes, delays, and so much more.