Let’s Go…Now

You’ve probably taken a last minute trip. Was it a day trip, a week-end, or longer? Did you have time to plan what you were doing and where you were going?

With airfares on the rise, sometimes a deal pops up that’s just too hard to pass. If this type of deal hits your radar, are you ready to go?

Here are some things to keep in mind when booking at the last minute.

Do you know all the costs? Do you have all the details? Will you pay by credit card?

Don’t fall for an email or call that says you’ve ‘won’ a trip. Usually, if you really did win something it will be given to you as a gift…not by some unknown phone number. If you’re still not sure, call your Better Business Bureau.

Do use a credit card to pay. This offers you the best protection if you change your mind or something isn’t quite right.

Then, grab your to-go bag and head to the airport. You have your passport, tickets, and phone…right?

Napa Valley Artists…

September 20 and 21 and September 27 and 28 are weekends to be in Napa Valley. Open Studios is in their 27th year. Take some time and explore what 79 artists and 45 unique studio locations have to offer.

This free, self-guided tour is one of the best events ever as these artists believe in the importance of opening their studios to visitors. Even better Open Studios contributes a portion of revenues to local high school and junior college scholarships.

Check out more information on their website at http://napavalleyopenstudios.org/#home.

Where’s My Bag?

Ever have tight connections on a flight and wonder if your checked luggage is going to make it? Did it?

On the other side of that question…ever have a tight connection and your bag made it but you didn’t?

Just curious…what did you do?

Last Call

Have you ever booked the last flight out? Maybe it was the most convenient or maybe it was the only one that day that was available. Did you need to make connections?

One of the oldest travel tips around is to avoid booking the last flight of the day out of your connecting airport. If your flight in to that airport, where you need to catch your connecting flight, is delayed for whatever reason…there’s a good chance you will miss your connecting flight.

Even though the airline has to put you on the next available flight…it’s not until tomorrow…sometime.

Walk…Don’t Run

If you’ve flown, you’ve probably had a connecting flight. And, you’ve probably made that flight.

But, did you have to hurry? If you booked through either an airline’s website or a travel agency, those times between flights are usually not an issue. Most airlines post their own connecting times on their websites. Some are fairly short. The airline’s system automatically adjusts for minimum times at your connecting point. And, if you miss your flight due to connecting errors on their part, the airline is obligated to put you on the next available flight.

However, if you are using two different airlines you will not find the minimum connecting time on any site. Do your research and allow enough time…and then some.

Can You Find What You Need?

I’ve often written about packing lists and how I like them. I live by them when traveling. It just makes my life easier.

That being said, what happens when you have your list and you’re looking for the one piece of electronic charging equipment, or universal adapter, or special socks you only wear with your travel shoes, or the really nice, silky top that doesn’t wrinkle…ever, or your cool travel pen?

Perhaps if you kept your travel items together it would help. Or would it? It depends on how often you travel. If you go often, it might be a good idea to keep a dedicated set of toiletries in their own travel bag. It might be a good idea to keep one part of your closet for travel clothes.

Do you have certain bags for traveling domestic versus internationally? Do you have them stuffed inside each other and forget about the ones inside? How about wallets, purses, packing cubes, special electronics you use when traveling to Europe, or even pens?

Organizing these could make your life easier. First…a list. Then…organization. Ready to go somewhere? I am.

Wine & Brew Festival…FUN, FUN, FUN

Downtown Vacaville’s Wine & Brew Festival Returns!
Vacaville, California – It’s almost time once again for the annual “Wine & Brew Festival” that’s hosted by the Downtown Vacaville Business Improvement District. This group of Downtown merchants is going all out again this year to bring fantastic entertainment, great wines, sudsy brews and a variety of artisans for everyone’s’ enjoyment. It’s all happening August 21st to August 23rd.
Things kick off Friday evening, August 21st with Rhythm Method 4 and J. Silverheels at 6 pm.  These two local bands really know how to host a party. Their musical sounds are some of the best around. Show up early for a good seat!

On Saturday morning, things get started with Dead Weight at 10 am followed by the Delta Rockets at 12:30 pm. The Party Monsters bring their Motown sound to Town Square at 3 pm and Hey Hey Momma (Led Zep tribute) at 5:30 pm. Invasion, A Tribute To An Era brings their British Invasion sounds at 7 pmSaturday is slated to bring back those sounds from the 60’s and 70’s to keep you dancing!


Sunday’s fun starts at 11 am with the Afterglow duo followed by Total Recall (90’s tribute) and the Fellas closing things out 3 pm to 5 pm.


On Saturday there will be a featured wine tasting and brew tasting from 4 pm to 7 pm throughout Downtown. We’ll have more information available on it as the event draws nearer.


It’s all happening at this year’s Wine & Brew Festival in The Heart Of The City. Be sure to visit the downtown web site at www.downtownvacaville.com  or you can call the office at 707-451-2100 for further information on this event or any of the upcoming festivals, concerts, farmers’ markets and other special events.

Dad…WWII…Red Bull Unit

This week I was featured in a blog from Folkheart Press. Actually, a book I wrote a few years ago was featured. My dad was in WWII. Typical of many Veterans from that era, he didn’t talk much about his time in North Africa and Italy.

But, he had a box of old photos and mementos that he would occasionally bring out for us to see. As a little girl, these were fascinating things and fascinating stories. Now, as an adult I wish I would have written down his stories. He’s gone…so I can’t ask him.

That’s why this book is a fiction, based on fact. Some of the stories are just like remembered them and others needed to be filled in. It was a great way to remember Dad. Hope you enjoy the blog post.

Check it our here: http://folkheartpressblog.blogspot.com/ and let me know what you think.

‘Best of Napa’ Award

Trying to keep up with Christine George can be time consuming. For starters, she an instructor in the School of Graphic Design. That’s one the reasons she is the recipient of the 2015 ‘Best of Napa’ Award. That’s not all she does, however.

You might find her riding trails in and around Napa on horseback. She’s loved horses her whole life. And, she understands horses. You’ll notice that when you see her paintings. Those horses look like they are looking right at you.

Again, that’s not all she does. As an official track photographer for Churchill Downs Kentucky Derby and the Triple Crown, the photos hanging in her studio make you feel like you’re standing at the wire with the winning horse.

Christine is known for her pro-bono work, assisting organizations and individuals with the Napa Valley Art Association and in the community. That’s another reason she was this years winner of the award.

When you visit her studio in Napa, you’ll quickly realize she means it when she says she’s living her dream…right here in Napa Valley.

Check out more about Christine and her award at  http://www.academyart.edu/about-us/news-events/news/2015/july/graphic-design-instructor-selected-for-best-of-napa-award.