Reading Reviews

Do you read reviews before you book a hotel, a B&B, a restaurant, etc.?

By the same token, do you write reviews when you are back home? Did you have some awesome wine and a fantastic experience in a little known bar in Venice? Was the apartment you rented in Victoria the absolute perfect spot? Did the hotel in Milan provide customer service that was over the top?

If so, write a review. Other travelers appreciate it and you may help someone decide what they want to do and where they want to go.

What do you do with your Travel Photos?

You’ve returned home from vacation and have a gazillion photos. Now is the time to sort them, label them or group them by city or event, and delete those that aren’t quite in focus.

I know it seems like this is something you can do later. But, will you? A few months from now you’ll look at them and try to remember which castle was which, or if that’s the Duomo in Florence or somewhere else, and why on earth do I have so many photos of the Rialto Bridge…

Schedule a day to go through them now. You’ll be glad you did.

If you have a few that are really special, or that you love, or capture your trip perfectly…why not make a small album. Fifteen or 20 photos in a small album can be shared with friends and can remind you of your favorite times.

Look at Your Credit Card Statements

When you arrive home after vacation, do you check your credit card and bank statements? For that matter, do you check them while you’re on vacation?

If you have a safe wifi on vacation, you can keep tabs on your activity. If not, wait until you’re back home and then check. That way you can report any charges you didn’t make to your bank or credit card company. They may have already called you.

Just one more reason to let them know where you are traveling, how long you’ll be gone, and how to get a hold of you.

What if it Rains?

You’ve checked the weather and there’s a chance of rain at your destination. Your rain coat takes up a lot of room in your luggage. Should you take it?

If you really aren’t going to need a rain coat for an extended period of time, think about picking up a couple of ponchos at a discount store. They don’t take up much room in your luggage and if you need them, you have them. You can always leave them behind when heading home.

Forgot your umbrella? Don’t stress. Almost every city has vendors selling cheap umbrellas. You can always buy one and leave behind as well.

Tips for using packing bags

Do you use packing bags…the kind where you compress all the air out before you place it in your luggage? Did you know you can also use the resealable 2.5 gallon ones. Just place your clothes inside, seal the bag part way, sit or squish the air out, and finish sealing the bag. It takes up less room in your luggage.

You can also group clothes together and place in one bag. Or, have your kid’s clothes in one resealable bag and yours in another. You could even do one outfit per day per bag.

Quick First Aid Kits

When hiking in the back country, first aid kits are always a good idea. But, should you pack one for other types of trips? If so, what should you include?

You can easily make a small kit that includes things like a few individually wrapped alcohol ads, small packets or a stick of antibiotic ointment, some bandages, and a small LED flashlight.

Whistles Can Save Your Life

Do you ever pack a whistle in your carry on bag or purse? Traveling in areas where earthquakes, blizzards, avalanches, or tornadoes are frequent…a whistle might be a good thing to have. Speaking of earthquakes…we hear about earthquake survival kits we should have ready. These should also include a whistle.