Travels: Long Flights, Part Two

Now you’re on your long flight…how do you settle in? Do you have a routine?

Do you set your sleep schedule? If your flight covers multiple time zones, it might be a good idea to adjust your eating and sleeping schedules to match your destination.

Do you take a sleep aid? Check with your doctor first. If it is okay, you might want to give it a test run at home. No sense getting on the plane expecting to sleep and it does the opposite and keeps you wide awake. Or, what if it makes you so groggy you can’t function for at least 24 hours after you wake up? You’ll also know how soon before it starts to work. 

Do you keep the same routines as you do at home? If you brush your teeth twice a day or seven times a day…do that on the plane. Keep the routine, whatever it is.

Travels: Long Flights

What do you do when a long flight is ahead of you? Here are some things to think about before you board your flight.

Make sure all your electronic devices are charged. If you want to play games or watch a movie…you want a fully charged device.

Maybe you think you’ll watch the airline movies. Great idea…unless your TV doesn’t work. That happened to me once and it’s not something that can be fixed at 38,000 feet by the flight attendant.

Think about what you’re wearing. Layers are great as the plane may get cold or you may get warm. If you wear contacts, it might be a good idea to take them out and put on your glasses before the flight.

Pick a good seat when booking your flight. SeatGuru has a great map that shows the seats and describes them. Have some airline miles but not enough for a ticket? Think about using them to upgrade your seat.

Travels: Medications and Travelilng

Do you need to travel with your medications? Do you know the TSA rules and regs about that? How many can you take with you? What about an IV bag or syringe?

According to the TSA, you may travel with an unlimited amount of pills and solid meds plus anything related to those. That includes freezer packs, IV bags, syringes, and pumps…just as long as those are all declared prior to going through security. That means you need to stop at the airline counter to check in and declare those items.

What if your meds are in liquid form and exceed the 3.4 ounces limit? Again, you must inform the airline prior to going through security.

It’s always a good idea to have your meds in their original prescription bottles as well. 

It’s also a good idea to keep them with you in your purse or carry on bag and not in your checked luggage.

There are special circumstances for passengers traveling with radioactive meds and oxygen tanks or other respiratory equipment. Be sure to check with TSA or your airline. 

Travels: Backdoor Bistro in Vacaville, CA

Restaurants come and go. Some are memorable…some, not so much. Some are trendy, some offer amazing food, and some offer all that and more. I love it when we find that amazing place with tasty food on our travels. I also love it when that place is close by.

Backdoor Bistro in Vacaville, CA is one of those finds. Serving locally sourced and sustainable food as much as possible, Chef Lindsey and her staff are to be complimented on making this spot a ‘go to’ place in Vacaville.

Check out their wine maker dinners or go for a burger and a beer.

The duck with creamy polenta and broccoli slaw was awesome last week. I wonder what the special will be this week?

Travels: Carry On Bag Issues

Are you one of those who travels with a carry on bag and stows it in the first available overhead space you find…even when your seat is toward the back of the airplane?

Or, are you a traveler that brings a huge bag and tries to pass it off as a carry on bag?

Or, do you travel with two large bags; one as your carry on and one as your personal bag? Do you put them both in the overhead bin because you want the space under your feet free and clear?

Recently, we experienced all three of these on a short flight. 

In the first instance, the flight attendant asked the passenger to remove his bag and place it near his seat. They offered to gate check it for free if that didn’t work.

In the second one, the gate agent did not allow the passenger to take an oversize bag on the plane as a carry on. She firmly, but politely, told him it would be gate checked.

In the third instance, the flight attendant move one of the two bags to another bin several rows back…and the passenger decided to put it under his feet instead.

What are your thoughts?

Travels: Over Packing…Part Three

Have you thought about bringing toiletries with multiple uses? I’ve mentioned before that baby shampoo doubles as laundry detergent. You can also find shampoo and conditioner in one. Use a lotion that doubles as your sunscreen to save room.

If you still concerned about room, take a look at the new shampoo, soap, and laundry detergent sheets. I haven’t used them but am going to investigate their use…stay tuned. If they work, they would really be a huge space saver. Plus, you wouldn’t need to worry about having them in your one quart plastic bag for TSA to inspect. They aren’t liquid!