Safe Airlines

According to a recent post on Travel and Leisure, these are the top 20 safest airlines. Do you agree? Do you regularly fly these for their safety record?
No. 1 Lufthansa
No. 2 British Airways
No. 3 Qantas (tie)
No. 3 Southwest (tie)
No. 5 Cathay Pacific
No. 6 KLM
No. 7 Emirates
No. 8 United/Continental
No. 9 Delta
No. 10 US Airways
No. 11 Finnair
No. 12 Air Canada
No. 13 Etihad Airways
No. 14 EVA Air
No. 15 Air France (tie)
No. 15 Hainan Airways (tie)
No. 17 Air New Zealand
No. 18 Iberia
No. 19 All Nippon Airways
No. 20 JetBlue (tie)
No. 20 Virgin Atlantic (tie)