Travel Tips

Just a few random travel tips from some readers… You probably already know these, but it’s good to hear them again.

Visit off season to avoid crowds. Anytime you can avoid crowds of people, especially in popular destinations, is a good thing.

Pack light…

Use the local transportation…metro, subway, etc.

Book tickets for events, museums, attractions, etc. online before you go.

Travel Trends

Where do you stay when traveling? Do you get a hotel or an apartment or vacation home? One of the trends seems to be in what people are renting. Staying for one night in a hotel makes sense. But, what about a week or more?

When we travel we like to have space to move around and spread out. That means renting an apartment or someone’s vacation home. Usually, it’s more cost effective and comfortable. We also find it gives us a better experience when wandering around the city.

You can check out the place you’re renting on line, check the neighborhoods on line, and even get a street view on line.


Recently I read that traveling keeps you younger. Do you agree? I believe it.

Traveling gives you a sense of what other cultures and places are like. Traveling lets you experience those different cultures and places…if you let them. Don’t think everything has to be like it is’back home’. It shouldn’t be…you are in a different place than you were at home.

Enjoy the experience.

Vouvray Wines

Four different wines from Vouvray, France. All are Chenin Blanc wines…all different. In one I could definitely taste the limestone, mineral soil. Another one was fruitier but still crisp. Of course, the bubbly was a favorite of mine.

Wonderful tasting and food pairing. Thanks to Joel, TasteLive, and the people who sent the wonderful wines.

Walking Tour Apps

Has anyone used any of these apps when exploring cities?

Field Trip is free for Android and iOS. It is a Google designed app that uses your phone’s location service to pick up on what’s cool around you.

Historypin is free for Android, iOS, Windows Phones. You can pick a landmark and see what it looked like a hundred years ago.

Stray Boots does cost per tour for Android and iOS. Families or groups may enjoy the combination of a city tour with a scavenger hunt.