Travel Tip for Hikers

Have you ever heard of this tip? Since the outside material of your hiking socks can be softer and smoother than the inside…wear them inside out. Supposedly, this prevents blisters.

Has anyone done this and does it work?

Carry On Travel Tip

If you are a mom traveling with kids, you probably have an oversized travel purse with a gazillion compartments.

If you are traveling without kids, you may still have a travel purse with a gazillion compartments.

How do you keep track of what you put in each compartment? How do you know where your passport and your boarding pass are? Need some aspirin or some lip gloss? Which zippered slot is it in?

Any idea where you put your snacks? You could search for days and still not find what you were looking for…right?

For starters, always keep your passport in the same spot. Same goes for your boarding pass. If it’s always in a certain spot, it will be easy to grab when you need it. Think about a bright pink folder or wallet that holds both. You’ll spot it easily, you can grab it easily, and it won’t get lost in the bottom of your bag.

Put things like lip gloss, hand wipes,and  tissues in one spot. Use another compartment for snacks and aspirin.

Organize it so it makes sense to you. Then, do it the same way each time. Get a system and stick to it. It makes your carry on bag so much more efficient.

Plan for Your Trip

Planning is always a good thing when traveling. While it’s fun to be spontaneous, sometimes a little extra planning can make a trip go smoother. This is especially true if traveling with kids.

Make a list and check it twice. Kids need different things than adults. And, they need different things in airports, on planes, waiting in line, in restaurants, going through security…you get the idea.

If you are waiting in a connecting airport, check out that airport on line to see what restaurants or activities are available for kids. Older kids may enjoy the museum at the airport while younger ones may be entertained by the aquarium.

Travel as light as you can. This is where your list comes in handy. Try to pack a day or so before you leave. Forget something? No worries…there are stores where you are going. If you are staying with or visiting relatives, ask if they can pick up simple supplies you use. No sense packing a week’s worth of diapers if you don’t have to.