Do You Carry Cash?

Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere you go. But, what if you want to pick up some small purchases at a street fair? Or, what if you want to grab a cup of coffee from the local bar? Cash comes in handy. It’s quick, easy, and often appreciated.

You don’t have to carry a lot of cash. Just have some to use when necessary.

If you do want to use your credit card and you aren’t sure if the vendor takes them, be sure to ask before you receive any kind of service or goods. Asking first saves everyone a lot of grief and embarrassment.

Should You Drink the Water?

Huskies can drink the water just about anywhere. But, should you?

Depending on your destination, you may not want to let any of the water near your mouth. This means drinking it, brushing your teeth with it, and letting it close to your mouth in the shower. This also means ice cubes in cold drinks or frozen cocktails should be avoided. And, think twice about salads where the lettuce is washed in local water and not cooked.

Just to be safe, bottled water is the best if you are uncertain about the water in the country where you are.

What to Wear on Your Flight

You have a long flight ahead of you, not to mention going through airport security. What’s the best choice for clothes? Layers are always good. You can add or delete depending upon the temperature in the airport, on the plane, and your final destination. Opt for an easy to remove sweater or light jacket.

Loose fitting clothes are a good idea, too. Since the cabin is pressurized you want to be able to get up and walk around without tight clothes making your circulation even more strained.

How about your footwear? You have to remove your shoes. Make sure you can easily get them on and off. Consider comfort here as well. If you will be walking around the terminal or will be walking when you deplane, you should wear your most comfortable shoes.


In most parts of Europe, tips or service charges are included in your bill. How do you know what or how much to tip? You could learn the language and read your bill. You could ask a local before you get to the restaurant. Or you could do a Google search to see what the custom is in the country where you will be eating.

If you do see it included in your bill and your service was outstanding, it is okay to leave an additional tip. But, it’s a good idea to check first. And, Asia is different than either Europe or the US. Many countries there do not even expect any tip.

Bottom line…check first.

Learn the Language

If you are planning on traveling outside the US, here’s a tip that may make your trip more enjoyable. I find it’s a good idea to learn some language basics. Sure, many people in most places speak English. But why not learn a few of their words? You may find that people are more willing to help you.

Please, thank you, hello, good morning, excuse me, good night, bathrooms are just a few to begin with. You can learn more once you master those. It has always helped me. And, don’t worry if you butcher the words. Your effort will be appreciated.