Lose Your Passport? Here’s What To Do

What should you do if your passport is stolen or lost?

If you feel it has been stolen, immediately visit the local police station. File a report and make sure to get a copy of that report.

If you are abroad, your next step should be to visit the US Embassy or Consulate. Bring all of your identification and documentation with you, as well as someone who can vouch for you if necessary. You should be able to receive a temporary passport.

If you are in the US, file the police report and then fill out form DS-64 from the State Department. This will allow you to apply for a new passport. You will need the appropriate documentation as if filing the first time.

Either way, you can get a replacement.

Faux Label Souvenirs? Maybe Think Twice. . .

Have you ever been tempted to buy a knock-off or faux label souvenir when traveling? Many look like the real thing…until you look closely.

Still, I see them all over the place when traveling. Chanel or Dolce and Gabbana bags on the streets of Florence, Mickey Mouse or Rolex watches on the street corners in New York, designer scarves and sunglasses in so many places.

Did you know that the real labels are subject to U.S. copyright and trademark protections? What does this mean to you as a traveler? Your purchase could be confiscated by customs. If you only have one item, they may grant you an exception and let you keep it. But, they don’t have to. And…you only get one exemption every 30 days.

Just something to think about when you’re pondering the price of that high end bag, sold by a young kid who’s looking over his shoulder for the cops.

Some Travel Phone Apps For You

So many of us have smartphones. Check out these apps that may help you in planning your next flight or your time in the airport.

You may have used www.seatguru.com to find the best seat when you booked your flight at home. In case you forgot, pull out your phone and use the SeatGuru app, choose the seat map advice option, put in your flight number, and pick your seat from the ones still available.

Do you have some time in the airport and want to grab some food? Use the GateGuru app. Just add your airport and terminal to find the eateries, services, and shops nearby. You can also find out how other travelers have rated those places and where to find a deal.

Have a good flight.