More TSA Regs

Planning on giving a snow globe as a gift this year? If you are flying, be sure to pack it in your checked luggage. Why?
Budget Travel and TSA tell us since there is more than 3.4 ounces of liquid in those snow globes, they need to be in checked luggage or not taken at all on your flight.
This fits in the “strange” category of items confiscated by TSA…don’t you think?

Travel Gadgets

With Christmas approaching, are you buying travel gadgets for your favorite traveler? If so…what are some of your favorites?
Places like Budget Travel, REI, USA Today, Journey Woman, and oodles of other sites list their favorites. Some of their suggestions include things like GPS units, bags, luggage, backpacks, water purifiers, cameras, luggage locators, cord stations, music players, book readers, luggage scales, wallets, blankets, pet carriers, games, journals…
The list goes on forever it seems. Want to share your ideas?