More of London

House of Parliament

The Eye of London overlooking The Thames River

Lots of people watching the Changing of the Guard. Awesome band.

They came right in front of us to make one of their turns. Quite a lengthy and impressive ceremony.

Thorpeness, England

The House in The Clouds was originally built in 1923 as water storage for the village of Thorpeness. Now it serves as resort accommodations with 5 bedrooms, 3 baths. lawn tennis and boules. The top floor provides the best views of Suffolk.

The Thorpeness Windmill was built in 1803, then remodeled to provide water to The House in The Clouds. It is a working windmill today.

Thorpeness, England house.

Adelburgh, England

Fish and Chips…along the English Channel…what’s not to like?

After all, this place is a registered member. And guidebooks tell this is the most famous place in England.

The line formed around the block when they put out their sign that they were “frying”.

Walking along the rocky beach.

Hopefully this is NOT one of the lifeboats…

Bridges in Cambridge, England

The Bridge of Sighs:
Locals say it is so named as students sigh after taking exams at St. John’s College.

There are more than 25 bridges over the River Cam in Cambridge, England.

The Mathematical Bridge:

The Mathematical Bridge is the popular name of a wooden bridge across the River Cam between two parts of Queen’s College. Its official name is simply the Wooden Bridge.
The bridge was designed by William Etheridge , and built by James Essex in 1749. It has been rebuilt on two occasions, in 1866 and in 1905, but has kept the same overall design.
The arrangement of timbers is a series of tangents that describe the arc of the bridge, with radial members to tie the tangents together and triangulate the structure, making it rigid and self supporting.

Punting in Cambridge

A Punt is a flat bottomed boat without a keel and is propelled by means of a long pole. These were introduced as a pleasure craft in Edwardian times. Now they serve as a means to view the famous bridges and colleges along the River Cam.

The Punts at Scudmore’s. F.Scudmore founded his business in 1910 and today has the largest fleet of Punts, nearly 150.

Punts today are 6 to 7 meters long and 1 to 2 meters wide. The pole is 5 meters long.

One of Cambridge’s bridges in the background. More on those in a later blog.

Before railways much of England’s trade relied upon rivers as roads became mudpits after rains. Transport by Punts was slow by very economical. A punter can push well over a ton along with no more fuel than a few cheese sandwiches and a pint of Guinness…or so the story goes.

Of course the locals like to race…

Walking Around Cambridge, England

Cambridge is celebrating 800 years.

We spent time walking around and enjoying all aspects of the city. Of course you nourishment is needed at times.

The street market was full of flowers and plants.

This Pasty Shop provided great cappuccino and croissants.

As you might expect, bikes are the preferred mode of transportation.

Streets are narrow, buses pass right next to you on the sidewalks, and bike co-exist with all of it.