Dancing Water

Water dances in Vegas. At least at the Bellagio Hotel it does. Music plays and water jumps, jives, and shoots into the air for a free “concert” every 15 minutes or so. Songs change but the water keeps on dancing.

Cats, Cats, & Dolphins…Oh My

Apparently the Secret Garden at the Mirage in Las Vegas is not really a Secret. After all, people were there. But it is in a garden setting.

This garden just happens to have several dolphin pools. Swimming close to mom this baby dolphin was only 13 days old. Maybe that’s what makes it a Secret. He doesn’t have a name yet.

The garden also has cats…lots of cats. Of course, they happen to be lions, tigers, leopards, and panthers. Five baby tigers, 5 months old, hid and played much like tame kittens. See how they disappeared in the grass. Also, see the fences separating you and them. Apparently nap time called to the white lions. Nothing was going to budge them. Maybe it’s called a Secret Garden because they all look so peaceful.

Definitely worth a side trip to the Secret Garden, bright lights disappear and casino noises fade while you’re there. That’s the Secret…you can have a retreat in the middle of Vegas.

Las Vegas Surprises

These flip flops took a trip to Las Vegas and did so much more than gamble. Follow them as they head past the slot machines, wandered down the path through the gambling tables, kept going past glitzy high end shops, and made their way through the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, past the lobby. You will be surprised as to what awaits you. The Bellagio Conservatory is so much more than a garden and definitely worth the trip. This 13,573 square foot oasis gets a complete make over five times every year. Fall was the theme recently. Complete with a 35 foot tall cider mill, giant carved pumpkins, an animated apple tree, wood sprites, giant glass fall leaves, and an arch of shooting water, to name a few. As you might expect, everything was precisely coordinated. No details were overlooked. When they tell you it always has to look nice in there…they mean it.

Packing Tips

With airlines charging for extra bags, pack smart by taking only what you need. Keep a packing list on your computer & print it before you pack. Do this even though you have packed a million times. You will eliminate unnecessary items. Be prepared with a small first aid kit packed in a baggie. Take a few medicated band-aids, pain relievers, hand sterilizer, safety pins, & anti diarrhea meds. Wrap some all purpose duct tape around a drinking straw for emergency fixes. Happy Traveling.


Last weekend we visited an artoretum. Is that a real word? Don’t know. Described as a botanical garden devoted to art in the trees, it was a sun filled walk thru the trees and grass. And the sculptures were original and inspiring. Take a look at some of them…